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[Das Autoren 1x1] Jilliane Hoffman (englisch)

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Jilliane Hoffman

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World of being a writer

1. Since when have you been writing?
I started my first novel, Retribution (Cupido in German) in September of 2001. I was working for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as a legal advisor and had what I thought was a great idea for a thriller in my head, inspired by some cases I had worked as a prosecutor. I left FDLE to write the novel, which I finished a year later. I have been writing thrillers ever since.

2. Do you think that being a writer is the best job in the whole world? And if so, why?
I love writing thrillers. I love the feeling I get in the pit of my stomach when I have ended a chapter that makes even me suck my breath in. It is great to see a story that has been building in my head for so long finally come to life on paper, and then hear people say they were up all night reading it. It is the ultimate compliment as a writer and makes all those late nights I stayed up writing well worth it. I was also able to stay home and raise my daughters while I was writing. They were 6 and 4 when I left FDLE. Search warrants are rarely executed at two in the afternoon, but more like two in the morning, and while I loved working as a prosecutor and for FDLE, law enforcement is not a nine to five career. It is difficult to raise a family and be fully dedicated to both your career and your children when both require your undivided attention, especially when they are young. Writing let me work around my girls’ schedules and spend time with them when they were awake and wanted to play or needed help with their homework or wanted to bake cookies after school. That is what made writing the best career for me. I’d help with the homework, bake the cookies, put the kiddies to bed, then go kill someone in the other room on my computer.

3. Could you please describe your book/one of your books in less than ten words and reveal the title of the book you are talking about.
Stormy night. Deserted road. Desperate stranger. Do you open the car door and let her in?
Sorry. It’s six words over the limit, but I couldn’t do it in less than ten. My books average more than 425 pages; no one has ever accused me of being succinct. That is the tag line to ALL THE LITTLE PIECES (SAMARITER in German) and the dilemma of Faith Saunders, my main character, who is stuck on the side of the road with her sleeping daughter in the backseat when a distraught stranger appears at her car window, pleading for help. The fallout that follows from her decision is a roller coaster thrill ride.

4. Where is your favourite place to write? Do you have any particular rituals?
I write everywhere and anywhere. I have a laptop, and I write all over my house. Lately I have been hitting coffee shops all over town. I stick to the skinny vanilla lattes, though, to avoid excess hours in the gym working off whipped cream.

5. Do you have advice for prospective writers?
Write about what you know, and write a book that you yourself would like to read. I know nothing about planes, so I wouldn’t try and write an aviation thriller. I was a prosecutor and I do know the legal system, so I write legal, psychological suspense thrillers. I think a reader can tell when the voice is authentic. And if the topic excites you, that will show in your story.

Private world

6. What is your favorite color?
Black. Because it makes me look skinny and it goes with everything.

7. What was your dream job as a child?
To be an actress. I was too lazy to go to auditions, so I went to law school instead.

8. What is your favorite food/dish?
Anything Italian. Right now, I am envisioning a toasty eggplant parmigiano ….

9. What kind of genre do you prefer when you read for yourself?
Thrillers. Thrillers. Thrillers.

10. Do you mind sharing a wish that you want to fulfil yourself or a dream that you would like to come true in the future?
I would like to see one of my books come to life on the screen, either movie or TV. That would be a dream come true!

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  1. Klasse! Ich habe vor 2 Wochen "Cupido" gelesen und fand es megatoll. Ich kannte die Autorin zuvor nicht, aber da ich immer wieder hörte, wie gut ihre Bücher sein sollen, habe ich mir dann gleich 4 auf einen Schlag gekauft. Bin gespannt, wie die nächsten sein werden. Der Schreibstil ist einfach genau meins.